Groepscodebrief in English

Dear parents/guardians,

At our school we use the Klasbord Ouderapp and portal. We use this to keep you informed of current events at school. To view the information in Klasbord Ouderapp you need a personal account, and your account must be linked to your child's group.

Getting started:

Download the Klasbord Ouderapp from the App Store or Play store and allow the app to send messages. Under “Aan de slag als” you should choose “ouder”(parent). In the next screen you choose “Registreer” (create new account). Enter the “groepscode” (pairing code) you have received from the school and create an account using your own name.

Organisatiecode: Organization code

Koppelcode: Pairing code

Groep: name of the group

If there are more groups you can join, you will receive a separate letter for each group.

Do you already have an account with our school?

Go (after you have logged in) using the menu to “groepen” (groups) to add another group.

If you are logged out, use the “organisatie code” (organization code) when logging in.

No mobile phone available?

You can also register and use Klasbord Ouderapp at

You can also watch the video:

tip: press c to turn on the subtitles. Use the settings button to change the language of the subtitles

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